Ethiopian Coffee & Meskel Festival

Date: August 16-26, 2020

Location: Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Orthodox Church commemorate the findings of the True cross by Queen Helena, the mother of ‘Constantine’ the great every year on September 27 ad 28 on leap year. Ethiopian orthodox Christian followers celebrate Meskel by burning bonfire on the eve of Meskel this traditions of burning Binfire started by St. Helena. After her unsuccessful finding the St. Helena saw a dream and she burn bonfire in accordance to her dream that she followed finaly led her to direction the True Cross found.
Even though, Meskel celebrated throughout the country by the Orthodox Christian followers, it is distinctively celebrated by the Gurage Ethnic group in colorful way. Anyone from the ethnic group who lives in different regions of the country should expected to return back to his family’s house for the celebration of Meskel with the whole family, relatives and the neighborhoods.
The origin of Coffee
Coffee is originated in Kaffa regions of the current Ethiopia. The Goat shepherd Khalid saw one of his goat acts strangely after chewing some leafs. Khalid impressed with these strange feelings of the goat and decides to try himself. Khalid also felt amazing after chewing some of the leafs, this was the very beginning coffee.
Outline itinerary
Day 1: Arrival – picks up at the airport. Start driving to Awassa 275 kms south of Addis, on the way visit Lake Langano and visit the birds on the lake. Then proceed to Awassa, late afternoon if time allows visit Fish Market in Awassa.
Day 2: Early morning depart from Awassa Wolaita Sodo to attend the Meskel celebration of Gurage ethnic groups of Ethiopia
Day 3: Morning see how the Meskel is celebated in Soddo Gurage (on this day there is probability of some rural villages of the Gurage around Wolaita soddo). Late afternoon drive to Yirgalem for overnight Aregash lodge.
Day 4: Drive to the Coffee Farmers union to visit the coffee harvesting process from collecting the beans to packing for market. On the way you will visit the coffee farm of Sidama farmers.
Day 5: Drive back to Addis Ababa. End of service