Yirgalem and Aregash Lodge

EQST 016 Yirgalem and Aregash Lodge


Duration: 2 days

Location: Yirgalem

Yirgalem is about 45 minutes past Awassa. This is coffee country, and the scenery is extraordinarily lush and green.

The accommodation at Aregash Lodge is based on the very attractive traditional Sidamo House. There is an excellent kitchen with lots of organic fruit and vegetables grown in the vicinity.

There are more than 100 bird species recorded in the area, and on our walks we can see hyena, jackals, Colubus and vervet monkeys.

Leaving early and without too many stops, we could reach Aregash Lodge in time for lunch, and on the second day head off back to Addis Ababa after an early lunch, arriving early evening, but it is very easy to get tempted into staying a second night.